96th Infantry Division Deadeyes Asssociation

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    The 96th Division was deactivated in January 1946, after all of its soldiers were either returned to the United States for discharge, or assigned to other units.  It was again activated as a Reserve unit on the last day of 1946.  In 1962 it became a Command Headquarters in Salt Lake City, later designated as a Ready Reserve Command (96th RRC) in Salt Lake City.  It continued in that status until 2008, when it was disbanded as part of an Army reorganization.  More details on the history of the 96th RRC can be seen HERE.

    With the disbandment of the 96th RRC, the 96th Division became the 96th Sustainment Brigade, a unit that was a component of the 96th Division in World War II.  Information on this unit's current operations can be seen HERE.

   The 96th Recon Troop was deactivated in February 1946, but it was recently reactivated at Fort Benning as the 192 Infantry Brigade.  It " trains Soldiers in Basic Combat and Infantry-specific skills in order to provide combat-ready Soldiers and leaders to the Operational Army."  Read more HERE.